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Ana Renovica is a Serbian film Producer and founder of 888 Films in Serbia. Renovica is a Film graduate of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Renovica is head of acquisitions for Synergetic Distribution, based out of Beverly Hills, CA in Los Angeles. She is in charge of acquisitions and distribution for fourteen territories in Europe ( Russia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgary, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Greece and Hungary) . Additionally, Renovica heads 888 Films Productions, in charge of bringing films worldwide to Serbia for production and post-production.
Sasha Knezev is an award winning filmmaker and Producer based out of Los Angeles and president of 888 Films. Knezev is a graduate from The University of Southern California and the School of Cinematic Studies. He is in charge of film and television development and frequently works with Producer Jason Michael Berman of Mandalay Pictures.

888 Films is a production company stationed in Serbia, Montenegro and Los Angeles
offering high quality services for large scale and independent production projects.

888 Films is an international production company focusing on the development and production of film, television, commercials and all other mass media content. Based in Los Angeles with a satellite office in Serbia and Montenegro, 888 Films centers on bringing the international production of media platforms to Serbia and Montenegro to enjoy a seventy percent cost-reduction and favorable tax incentives.
888 Films embarked on its business model by enjoying the success of its own franchise films, AMERICAN ADDICT and THE BIG LIE: AMERICAN ADDICT 2, where the films used their post-production facilities in Serbia and Montenegro. As part of their business model, 888 Films seeks to attract foreign partnerships to help achieve success while adhering to its standard of high-quality at low-cost business model.


In 2017, Ana Renovica negotiated a contract with Synergetic Distribution in Los Angeles to represent acquisitions in fourteen regions of Europe. Specifically, the regions include Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey. Synergetic Distribution is a worldwide distribution company which releases feature films, documentaries and television series. Renovica is in charge of acquisitions in fourteen regions of South Eastern Europe specializing in feature films and documentaries. In early 2017, Synergetic acquired rights to the Swedish film SAMI BLOOD (“Sameblod”), a Sundance hit by Swedish filmmaker Amanda Kernell. CONSTITUTION (“Ustav Republike Hrvatske”), by the acclaimed Croatian director Rajko Grlic , that won the Grand Prix Des Amériques at the Montreal World Festival and the top prize at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and Hadas ben Aroya’s PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT ME (“Anashim Shehem Lo Ani”). The film SAMI BLOOD, CONSTITUTION and PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT ME served as an inspiration for Renovica as a platform for her vision, to deliver films from South Eastern Europe with a focus on culturally relative themes that foreground the tone, texture and sensibility of the region. Renovica approached Anatol Chavez, head of acquisitions, and Sasha Knezev, to deliver films of similar caliber as previously mentioned films from South Eastern Europe and exhibit them to the world. Renovica also wants to display the talents of regional filmmakers and develop scripts with distribution deals signed prior to the production of selective films. As such, one branch of 888 Films will focus additionally on screenplays and development for future films. The deal was signed in July of 2017. Renovica is now aggressively pursuing films to showcase the talent of films and filmmakers in the area. Synergetic Distribution is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA with Anatol Chavez and 888 Films is headquartered in Novi Sad, Serbia with Ana Renovica.

Films Acquired for US Distribution

How to submit a film for distribution?

Applications for the competition can be sent by mail to 888 Films DOO, Ise Bajića 6 / I / 7,21000 Novi Sad or by e-mail to It is necessary to enclose a DVD film recording, or a download link, biography and filmography of the author, information about participation on festivals and rating data in cinemas.


How to save up to 70 % with 888 Films?

Serbia has up to 20 % lower prices than any other EU country, up to 30 % lower prices than Hungary and Czech Republic and up to 70 % lower prices than USA.







25 % and 30% CASH REBATE:

The program provides a 25% cash rebate on qualified Serbian spend for feature films, TV series, animation films and visual effects, TV commercials and ocumentaries, and 30% cash rebate on qualified Serbian spend for feature films whose budget is minimum 5.000.000 EUR for feature films, TV series, animation films and visual effects, TV commercials and documentaries.

Minimum Local Costs:
1) Feature films, TV films and TV series: 300.000 EUR (~$350.000), with 100.000 EUR minimum per episode for TV series
2) Animated film, audio and/or visual post-production: 150.000 EUR (~$170.000)
3) Special-purpose film/TV Commercials: 100.000 EUR (~$114.000) Documentary films: 50.000 EUR (~$57.000)

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